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Norec Services Pty Ltd
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Our Services

Norec Services provides a wide range of services such as Annual Certification Inspections, Compliance Audits, and Maintenance of fire rating systems, whether new constructions or existing buildings, complete with photographic reports for your records.

With a sound knowledge of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) / National Construction Code (NCC) requirements, and the associated Australia Standards, all our solutions are based on tested and approved Passive Fire Protection Systems and we ensure that the application and installation match the tested prototype.

Our comprehensive inspection reports will outline any non-compliance in the installation, and we will detail the required solutions on how to correct them, to make sure your building compliance and certification is valid.

Norec Services provides various solutions for all your Passive Fire System requirements, to ensure protection of openings that penetrate fire rated elements, such as fire-resistant walls, floors and doors, with the aim of containing or slowing the spread of fire and maintaining the designed Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of the elements.

When services such as pipes or cables are installed through fire rated elements without adequate protection there is a danger that the elements may be compromised exposing the building to the risk of spread of fire between fire compartments.

Our services include:
• Annual maintenance inspections
• Vermiculite Fire Spray for steel beam, columns, ductwork,
• Fire Wrap for structural steel, ductwork, cable trays, pipework
• Fire sealing of concrete slab
• Fire Pillows, Fire Collars, Fire Rated Board Systems

We can also provide our professional inspection and testing services complete with the annual maintenance Statement of Compliance for your AFSS requirements:
• Fire Dampers
• Motorised Fire / Smoke Damper integration testing with the Fire Services
• Fire Seals protecting openings in fire resisting components of the buildings
• Fire Doors and Smoke Doors
• Fire Rated Access Panels